2007-11 income & expendituresWW has a sustained track record of measured growth, fueled by strategic investments in staff and facilities. We’ve held our own financially through the economic downturn of the past few years – maintaining and even growing programs – by gradually increasing income (after a dip in 2008), reining in expenditures and retaining skilled staff.

As shown in the bar chart at right (click to expand), income rose in 2011 by 4%, to $552,000, thanks largely to a wonderful windfall from Aron Ralston’s donation of winnings from the game show “Minute to Win It.” This more than offset a decrease in reimbursements from the Hidden Gems Campaign, as that project moved into the less labor-intensive legislative phase.

Meanwhile, expenditures actually declined by 5%, mainly because 2010’s costs included a one-time cost of nearly $60,000 for our office remodel and move. There was also a decrease in Hidden Gems expenses.

In 2010, 74% of our income came from individual donations, 12% from grants, and 3% from business support.

Please note: The above figures refer to WW’s operations budget, which excludes non-WW Hidden Gems Campaign income and expenses. This provides a truer picture of WW’s normal operating activity. However, it differs from our tax returns (downloadable via the links below), which, because WW is the campaign’s fiscal agent, must include all Hidden Gems finances.

The outlook for 2012 is uncertain, as we’ll be challenged to maintain income that in past years came from extraordinary sources. Meanwhile, we’ve been asked to do more, as other state and regional organizations are cutting back their work on the Western Slope. Your support will help us continue our vital work.

WW is incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the state of Colorado. Our federal tax ID number is 74-1900412.