Take Action

Thanks for being willing to take action on behalf of our public lands! Here are issues where we could really use your help:

  • Tell the Forest Service to Maintain Protections for the Thompson Divide – The oil and gas industry is objecting to a good decision from the Forest Service to protect much of the Thompson Divide and nearby roadless areas from future leasing and development. Tell the Forest Service to stay the course and maintain these important protections. We’ve come so far in the effort to protect the Thompson Divide, let’s not loose any ground
  • Tell BLM to consider a conservation alternative for SG’s plans to drill 146 wells near Paonia – BLM is analyzing the potential impacts of the proposal, but isn’t considering an alternative that would emphasize protecting clean air and water and wildlife. Now is our chance to let BLM know that we prefer the most protective path forward – one that effectively reduces environmental impacts if SG does develop the leases.
  • Support a balanced White River National Forest Oil & Gas Leasing Plan – The final plan just announced (Dec. 9) isn’t perfect, but it’s a big improvement over the old one. Please send an email to thank the Forest Service for this decision, and to ask the BLM to protect these same important public lands by voiding the leases.
  • Tell the BLM to void the illegal leases – The BLM is conducting a review of 65 leases that it admits it issued in violation of environmental laws. These leases cover more than 80,000 acres of spectacular, mostly roadless backcountry lands both in and outside of the Thompson Divide. The BLM has explicitly stated that this review could result in its canceling the leases, modifying their terms to comply with the law, or allowing them to stand. Our message to the BLM is: Just void the leases!
  • Become a Wilderness Workshop activist  To protect our beloved backcountry and wildlands, including places like the Thompson Divide and the Central Mountains, it’s going to take a citizens’ movement! That’s where you come in. It’s going to take creative, attention-getting and sometimes massive displays of public support to make our message heard all the way to DC. It also takes lots of little action that add up to something big. Our activists have done so much to protect public lands from organizing a rally, to writing a letter to the editor, to stuffing envelopes. Just let us know how you want to help out!