Take Action

Activism in TDThanks for being willing to take action on behalf of our public lands! Here are issues where we could really use your help:


  • 2/2017  Thank Senator Bennet for introducing the Thompson Divide Withdrawal Act; urge Sen. Gardner and Rep. Tipton to support it
    Thank Senator Michael Bennet for introducing the Thompson Divide Withdrawal Act. This bill would permanently remove a large chunk of the Thompson Divide from future oil and gas development. Just sign the letter – your email will be sent with the appropriate greeting line at the top, and your name will be automatically added at the bottom.
  • 12/2016  Help protect aspen forests and reduce impacts from 1,800-acre timber sale in Frying Pan!  The Forest Service is proposing a 1,800-acre timber sale in the upper Frying Pan Valley around Lime Park and near the Harry Gates Hut. We aren’t categorically opposed to cutting trees, or to this project specifically. However, there are a number of important issues that the Forest Service needs to address to reduce the ecological and social impacts of the project. Importantly, this is not the only project in the area and the cumulative impacts could be significant. Please sign the letter below to protect the ecological values in this important landscape.
  • 11/2016  Show support for the Forest Service’s plan to deal with over-use in the Maroon Bells Wilderness! The Forest Service is proposing a new overnight Visitor Use Management Plan to address the growing problem of damage to the land and users’ experiences caused by too many people camping in a few very popular areas in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. The plan would address only overnight use, leaving day use unaffected. While the plan applies to the entire wilderness area (so it can address future issues as they arise), it would likely create a permit system for the highest use areas like Conundrum Hot Springs and the Four Pass Loop.
    Given the scope of the problem (Conundrum Hot Springs sometimes has over 200 campers), Wilderness Workshop strongly supports the Forest Service’s proposed plan.  It’s also important to show broad support from the public too. That’s where you come in.
  • 11/2016  Thank BLM for cancelling illegal leases in the Thompson Divide!  On November 17th, the BLM announced that the organization is officially cancelling illegally issued leases in the Thompson Divide! Please sign a letter thanking them.
  • 11/2016 Tell Aspen to protect the creeks not dam them!  On October 31st the City of Aspen filed a diligence application to renew conditional water rights for massive dams on Maroon and Castle Creeks. The City was required to state that they “can and will” build the dams as part of the court documents. This is unacceptable. There will be significant ecological, social and financial costs of building the dams that would far outweigh any benefits provided by the water storage that the two reservoirs would create. Sign a petition to tell the Council that they should protect these two iconic creeks, not dam them!
  • 10/2016 Help Protect the North Fork Valley-Take Action Today! The North Fork Valley, just over McClure Pass from Carbondale, is one of the most unique places in Colorado. It is the most productive organic agricultural region in the State. The combination of scenic public lands and a vibrant agricultural economy make it a special destination for people from all over.
    Now the Bureau of Land Management is revising its plan for management of public lands and minerals in the area, and the agency’s draft plan is terrible. BLM’s plan would open 95% of the Field Office to oil and gas development. We need your help today. Public comments on the BLM’s draft plan for the area are due November 1
  • 8/9/16 Thank BLM for proposing to cancel leases in the Thompson Divide; ask them to protect other illegally leased lands too!–Last week BLM released its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) Protection doesn’t stop at 25 leasesanalyzing 65 illegally issued leases on the White River National Forest, including leases in the Thompson Divide. And there is really good news: BLM is proposing to cancel 25 leases in the Thompson Divide!! Unfortunately the new plan also abandons important protections for 27 other illegal leases. These leases contain roadless lands, important wildlife habitat and clean water.
  • 7/13/16 Sign an open letter telling Congress not to interfere with the Thompson Divide –As you know, the BLM is about to release its final analysis of the 65 illegal leases in and near the Thompson Divide. They are poised to cancel leases in the Divide. Unfortunately, the House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources and industry interests are trying to hijack the process. Yesterday the House Subcommittee held a hearing on “Opportunities and Challenges of Developing the Mancos Shale Resource, Piceance Basin, western Colorado.” The hearing was focused on a recent USGS report that increased estimates of shale gas in the Piceance Basin—which includes the Thompson Divide and the areas of the White River National Forest where the illegal leases were sold.
  • Tell Rep. Tipton his lease exchange bill doesn’t work for our community and does almost nothing to protect the Thompson Divide –Rep. Tipton just announced a draft bill to swap leases in the Thompson Divide for other near Paonia. His draft bill ignores feedback from nearly all counties involved, contains zero protections for either the Thompson Divide or other lands near affected communities and is a near carbon copy of what gas companies proposed last summer. It also would waive significant portions of environmental laws. Simply put it’s a non-starter, sign a letter letting him know!
  • Tell BLM to adopt the Settlement Alternative on the Roan Plateau – Right now, you can help protect Colorado’s Roan Plateau by telling the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to adopt a new plan that closes the top of the Plateau to new oil and gas leasing. The Roan is home to dozens of imperiled fish and wildlife species, some of the rarest plants in North America, critical habitat for elk and deer, pristine wild lands, and is a mecca for anglers and hunters. The top of the Plateau is one of the most biologically rich areas in the state, and has been described as comparable in importance to several of our national parks and monuments.
  • Tell BLM they’re headed in the right direction but they need to cancel all the leases – The BLM just released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement analyzing the illegal leases in the Thompson Divide. The agency’s proposed action is good; it calls for full or partial cancellation of 25 of those leases inside the Thompson Divide and it would add protections for roadless areas that are leased west of the Divide. The plan is a good step in the right direction, but BLM can and should do better. Sign a letter asking BLM to wipe the slate clean and cancel all the illegally issues leases.
  • Thank Sen. Bennet for announcing he’ll work to introduce a wilderness bill to protect the Continental Divide – Senator Michael Bennet just announced he’ll work towards introducing companion legislation to U.S. Congressman Jared Polis’s 2015 Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act. This is a big step forward in the effort to protect lands in Colorado’s Central Mountains in Summit and Eagle counties. Rep. Polis’s bill would protect nearly 60,00 acres of land as wildernes and recreation and conservation management areas. Sign a thank you note to Sen Bennet toady.
  • Become a Wilderness Workshop activist  To protect our beloved backcountry and wildlands, including places like the Thompson Divide and the Central Mountains, it’s going to take a citizens’ movement! That’s where you come in. It’s going to take creative, attention-getting and sometimes massive displays of public support to make our message heard all the way to DC. It also takes lots of little action that add up to something big. Our activists have done so much to protect public lands from organizing a rally, to writing a letter to the editor, to stuffing envelopes. Just let us know how you want to help out!