Take Action

Activism in TDThanks for being willing to take action on behalf of our public lands! Here are issues where we could really use your help:

  • Ongoing: Capital Watch. WW members interested in following public policy initiatives emanating from Washington, D.C., that could potentially impact public lands should sign up for our Capital Watch alert system. We summarize congressional bills and administrative decisions, provide suggested talking points, and list contact information for the relevant elected officials so you can voice your opinion!
  • 2/2017  Thank Senator Bennet for introducing the Thompson Divide Withdrawal Act; urge Sen. Gardner and Rep. Tipton to support it
    Thank Senator Michael Bennet for introducing the Thompson Divide Withdrawal Act. This bill would permanently remove a large chunk of the Thompson Divide from future oil and gas development. Just sign the letter – your email will be sent with the appropriate greeting line at the top, and your name will be automatically added at the bottom.
  • Become a Wilderness Workshop activist  To protect our beloved backcountry and wildlands, including places like the Thompson Divide and the Continental Divide, it’s going to take a citizens’ movement! That’s where you come in. It’s going to take creative, attention-getting and sometimes massive displays of public support to make our message heard all the way to DC. It also takes lots of little action that add up to something big. Our activists have done so much to protect public lands from organizing a rally, to writing a letter to the editor, to stuffing envelopes. Just let us know how you want to help out!