Take Action

Thanks for being willing to take action on behalf of our public lands! Here are issues where we could really use your help:

  • Tell the BLM to void the illegal leases – The BLM is conducting a review of 65 leases that it admits it issued in violation of environmental laws. These leases cover more than 80,000 acres of spectacular, mostly roadless backcountry lands both in and outside of the Thompson Divide. The BLM has explicitly stated that this review could result in its canceling the leases, modifying their terms to comply with the law, or allowing them to stand. Our message to the BLM is: Just void the leases!
  • Thank Sen. Bennet for introducing legislation to protect the Thompson Divide – Sen. Michael Bennet’s bill will protect unleased lands in the Thompson Divide area from future oil and gas development and also provides leaseholders the opportunity to sell, donate or retire their rights in the area. This is a key step in the efforts to protect the Thompson Divide and Sen. Bennet deserves recognition for his leadership on this issue.
  • Become a Thompson Divide activist It’s going to take creative, attention-getting and sometimes massive displays of public support to make our message heard all the way to DC. Get on our list and we’ll connect you with other like-minded folks, help you come up with the most impactful ideas, and empower you to put them into action.
  • Give input on Sen. Bennet’s Gunnison Public Lands Initiative – As a preliminary step to introducing wilderness legislation, Sen. Michael Bennet has set up a web page to collect ideas for how best to protect public lands in Gunnison County. Please tell him you think more wilderness is appropriate for Gunnison County. And be sure to mention any specific areas that you think might be suitable for either wilderness designation, mineral withdrawal, special management area status or other protection.