We have three opportunities available:
Community Organizer
Summer intern
Hike Leader

Community OrganizerActivists-for-TD-Amy-Hadden-Marsh
(March 13, 2017)

4/26/17 Update: We are no longer accepting applications for the Community Organizer position. Thank you for your interest. We are gratified to have received dozens of applications from exceptionally well qualified individuals. We’re sorting applications now and will soon be inviting the best candidates for interviews. 


Wilderness Workshop seeks a highly motivated, engaging, and skilled Community Organizer. The overarching goal of this position is to broaden, deepen and diversify support for public lands conservation in the greater White River National Forest region. This position will serve two primary purposes: 1) conduct direct community outreach to support WW’s conservation advocacy on particular projects and issues and 2) more generally increase baseline awareness and support for public lands conservation across our service region.

Position Duties and Responsibilities

  • Increase community literacy around public lands and conservation.
  • Identify, cultivate, engage, and empower activists on issues and places we work.
  • Utilize social media strategically and effectively to spread the word, expand support base, and maximize our presence.Ellen-leading-hike-HG
  • Provide programmatic support, including:
    • Federal Lands Disposal – Build diverse allies advocating for keeping fed control of public lands.
    • Thompson Divide – Nurture ongoing community support and activating periodically on particular issues or opportunities.
    • Capital Watch – Manage and execute this rapid response citizen engagement tool.
    • Maroon and Castle Creek Reservoirs – educate the community with the goal of supporting our challenge to these dams.
    • Wild and Scenic Crystal River – build crescendo of support to secure Congressional designation.
    • Miscellaneous Projects – Rally community support behind our efforts to modify or kill public lands developments and to support proactive initiatives or programs.
  • Organize public educational forums that go in-depth on conservation issues.
  • Volunteer cultivation and coordination.
  • Cultivate, train and manage community leaders.
  • Database management.
  • Coordinate with other staff to compile and maintain WW communications resources, photographs, and program materials.
  • Event support for conservation programs and general organizational outreach.
  • Build positive relationships with strategic conservation partners.

Education Component

Staffer will develop and implement a public lands conservation education program. These are long term goals.

  • Develop materials and presentations to aid public school curriculum and teachers
  • Develop an adult stewardship program
  • Produce training sessions for next generation leaders and advocates for conservation
  • Aid the Communications Director with content and tools to pair with new programs for website and social media (ie. stewardship guides, youth guides, material for diverse recreationalists).

Outreach Tasks

  • Create new collaborations and partnerships with diverse local organizations to expand awareness of our work
  • Organize public meetings and other opportunities for public engagement and action on conservation issues.
  • Target diverse new audiences
  • Create opportunities for youth engagement
    • Develop youth resources on our website including introductory guides on public lands history, management and activism
    • Work with the Development Director to build a Next Generation Committee and program
    • Develop collaborative events with youth organizations
    • Create an award or school scholarship for youth activism or environmental study

Desired Skills and Qualities

  • Commitment to public lands conservation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Charismatic with highly developed interpersonal skills.
  • Tech savvy, including database, desktop publishing, MSWord, etc.
  • Facile and strategic with social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Experience managing youth and volunteers.
  • Experience with strategic power mapping.
  • Familiarity with grassroots power models of building collective voice for action.
  • Three years experience with grassroots organizing models.
  • Intuitive and a problem solver.
  • Attention to detail and ability to consistently follow through with commitments.
  • Ability to handle multiple priority projects and meet established timelines and reporting requirements.
  • Ability to work independently and set priorities with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent organization, presentation and leadership skills.
  • The ideal candidate is an effective and fun team player that is self-motivated, efficient, and energetic, with a great sense of humor.
  • Experience and comfort with people of widely diverging backgrounds, political beliefs, and socio-economic strata.
  • Educator background and good story teller
  • Physical fitness capable of occasional heavy lifting and long wilderness backcountry travel days
  • Spanish language skills desirable

Work Structure and Compensation

  • Full-time, salaried position.
  • Requires working some nights and weekends.
  • Requires regional travel in personal vehicle.
  • Reports to Conservation Director and Executive Director.
  • Salary range starts at $45k, adjusted based on experience.
  • Benefits – flex time, comp time, generous leave benefits including paid vacation, comp days, wellness days (and the occasional powder day!), health stipend, IRA plan.

How to Apply

Applications will only be accepted if they comply with these guidelines. Email cover letter, resume, 3 writing samples, 5 references.

Summer Internship Job Description
(Feb. 24, 2017)

5/1/17 Update: This Position has been filled.  Thank you for your interest. Please check back next year for our Summer Internship opportunity, 2018.

Collin-getting-sigsThe Wilderness Workshop intern will be based at the Wilderness Workshop office in Carbondale, Colorado and will work under the supervision of Wilderness Workshop staff.

Primary duties:

  • Helping to plan and organize special events
  • Helping to coordinate the Artist in Wilderness Residency program
  • Providing administrative support for membership programs
  • Engaging in conservation advocacy

Additional duties:

  • Production for our annual Wildfest
  • Assisting with summer hike series and wildlands restoration programs
  • Providing logistical support for artists in residenceWildfest-Eric-Allen
  • Researching local sponsorship opportunities
  • Managing data
  • Updating website and social media
  • Organizing mailings
  • Tracking media coverage
  • Public outreach and tabling at events
  • Outreach to supporters by phone and in person

Interns may have the opportunity to assist with hikes into backcountry lands with our artists in residence. In addition to the qualifications described below, applicants who wish to participate in hikes should have previous backcountry and route-finding experience, first aid training, and suitable physical fitness for travel over rough, demanding terrain.

Interns will represent Wilderness Workshop in many public settings and must maintain a respectful and appropriate dress, appearance and attitude at all times.


  • Completion of at least two years at an accredited four-year college or university*
  • Excellent and persuasive writing, speaking and interpersonal skills
  • Passion for public land conservation issues
  • Interest in special events, fundraising, and non-profit administration
  • Knowledge of public land policy, advocacy and protection
  • Proficiency in office computer programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), web research and social media
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Experience in event planning
  • Flexibility – some evening/weekend work and travel will be required
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Access to personal vehicle a plus, and willingness to travel around the region as needed (mileage compensated)

Compensation & time commitment
$1,000-2,000/month stipend depending upon experience for full-time work (40 hours a week)*. Internship dates are flexible, but will generally run from June 5th – August 31st, 2017.

The Wilderness Workshop is an equal opportunity employer.

*Applicants who have completed less than 2 years at a four-year college or university will be considered for an unpaid internship.

Hike Leader Job description – Summer 2017hike-w-brandon
(April 14, 2017)

5/1/17 Update: The application period is closed. We will be choosing a hike leader by May 10th.  Thank you for your interest.

Each Summer Wilderness Workshop leads a series of hikes into landscapes we are working to protect. The goals of this program are to:

  • Introduce our members to important landscapes
  • Build a connection between people and place
  • Provide a different type of engagement than our usual advocacy
  • Identify and empower new advocates to take actions on issues WW is currently working on
  • Guide WW members safely in the backcounty
  • Educate WW members about the issues and landscapes we work on

The Hike Leader works under the supervision on WW’s conservation director and is responsible for all aspects of the hike series program with support from other WW staff on marketing the hikes, and directing advocacy from participants in the hikes. The hike leader is an ambassador for WW with a focus on customer service to ensure hike participants have a positive experience. Please note, these are considered casual hikes, we are there to introduce people to place and the advocacy to protect them.hike-w-brandon-2

The Hike Leader will:

  • Create hike descriptions for WW web pages, e-blasts, social media, community calendars, public radio, newspapers and other PR materials.
  • Lead hikes into landscapes WW is working to protect including proposed wilderness and the Thompson Divide with groups of no more than 15 people.
  • During hikes educate participants on specific conservation issues elevant to the landscape, emphasizing the importance of public involvement. Give out needed materials for writing a local representative, collect, copy and mail letters.
  • Continually monitor group dynamics fitness and safety to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for participants.

Specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Conduct hikes in a safe manner, recognizing that hikes are inherently dynamic situations with many elements beyond your control.
  • Keep an upbeat positive attitude no matter the weather or group dynamic.
  • Provide sufficient logistical information to make the hike a positive and easy experience. Look at maps before, during, and after the hike to help hikers get a sense of place and relation to the WW programs.
  • Never rush the hikes. Take breaks to spot wildlife, to hear a good story from a hiker, to make sure the last person never feels like they are holding up the group, and to simply be.
  • Take opportunities to interpret and educate participants about the local ecology bearing in mind that this isn’t a seminar course.
  • Minimize feel of organized activity
    • Allow ample opportunities for solitude and quiet to allow participants time and space to sense and feel the experience connecting to wildness
    • Provide opportunities for participants to have unstructured interactions with one another to help create connections. Stepping back also allows hikers to reveal who they are and what they bring to the experience.
  • Help participants complete one advocacy action. Check in with WW staff to get some guidance and be sure to have materials on hand.
  • Identify participants who are likely to continue engagement with WW and support our conservation work
  • Personal values and personal opinions are to be left at the door when representing WW.
  • Conduct follow up outreach with hikers to help cement their positive experience and gently coax them into the organization. In the week following the hike, Karin Teague shares her photos of the group directly via email and not just social media and people love it.
  • Social media component is important to keep the buzz going as well. Leader is expected to get out social media posts with photos and spirited positive report before and after hikes.

The position runs from June 1st through October 6th and requires approximately 30 hours/week. Compensation is $15-$25/hr. dependent upon experience.