Our Work

Salmon Lake, Eagles Nest Wilderness. Photo courtesy Jeff Wilson.

As the conservation watchdog of the greater White River National Forest region, WW is the voice for wild nature on nearly 3 million acres of federal public lands.

Much of what we do directly involves our members and the public – for example, rallying organized support to protect threatened areas, or to oppose a potentially harmful project or piece of legislation. We also offer volunteer projects, hikes, presentations and other public events.

At the same time, it takes a lot of technical, behind-the-scenes work to fulfill our mission: reviewing proposals, creating maps, intervening in environmental review processes, doing scientific monitoring, meeting with agency and elected officials, persuading, negotiating, challenging and (occasionally) litigating.

Please click for more information on the following areas of our work:

  • Public lands defense. We safeguard the ecological health of the federal public lands in our service area, with particular attention to roadless areas and critical wildlife habitat. This “forest watchdog” work is concerned with three main issues: oil and gas development, forests and wildlife, and recreation.
  • Wilderness. We campaign for new wilderness (and other permanent protections), and monitor the health of existing wilderness areas.
  • Habitat restoration. We work to restore the functional wildness of a landscape fragmented by human activity.
  • Education. We engage our members and educate the public on conservation issues.