Hunter Creek Prescribed Fire


Prescribed fire
is different from a naturally occurring “wildfire.” In a prescribed fire, trained professionals carefully select a target area for administering low-intensity, controlled burns. The purpose of a prescribed fire is to simulate natural fires that would occur in areas that are fire-suppressed due to their proximity to homes, roads, farms, and other areas that we value. While it may appear that the vegetation in these areas is healthy and abundant, without regular intervals of fire the landscape cannot undergo essential biological processes that are critical for long-term plant and animal health. A prescribed burn is a safe, calculated method to restore this feature to the landscape while still ensuring that property and people remain out of harm’s way.

Wilderness Workshop supports bringing fire back to the landscape on public lands. Ideally, prescription fires will occur more regularly on the White River National Forest at the discretion of the Forest Service. We support these efforts and help officials by educating the public and communicating with the press about upcoming burns and what the public can expect in each instance. We will update this page with information regarding specific prescribed fires as we receive it. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact Conservation Director Will Roush at will@wilderness